Il Volto Santo di Sansepolcro

This very old crucifix hangs in the cathedral in Sansepolcro. After seeing it on a tour led by our guide Rohaise, I revisited the Volto Santo a number of times during my stay, showing it to a number of friends. He has a large, wise and slighly sad face, long arms and fingers, and he is made of wood. In the Museo Civico, you can see the crown and robe the townspeople used to dress him in once a year, when he would be used in a procession.

In this picture, I am holding a card depicting Il Volto Santo. To my right is Simon, who gave it to me. To my left are Stephanie, Bill, Roseanne, Martin, Bob and Kathy. We are standing on the sidewalk in Anghiari.

Jokes told by 11-year-olds, and other miracles

Earlier this summer my 11-year-old told a version of this joke at dinner. Here is how he told it to me today:
So this guy goes to a job audition for the person who is going to ring the bell on the top of a great big tower to wake everybody up. It was a pretty easy job, so the man thought it woud be pretty easy and he would get the job. So he goes in the building and the job auditioner says “Well, you can just about have the job, all you have to do is ring a bell.”
Then he says, “Wait a minute, dude, you don’t have any arms.”
And the guy is like, “Naw, don’t worry, I can make it work.”
So he climbs up the tower and the job auditioner says “Alright, show me how you’re gonna do this.”
So then, he starts slamming his face against the bell. Job auditioner says, “Ok, you can have the job, but that looks like it hurts.”
Unfortunately, a few days later, the man accidentally fell off the tower. All the townspeople crowded around him. One said,”Does anyone know who this guy is?”
The job auditioner came up and said, “I dunno, but his face rings a bell.”

This is the view of Sansepolcro from the bell tower of the cathedral there. The confraternity of bellringers performed a demonstration for us. I had forgtten the joke told in June and remembered it suddenly at this visit.