Today in April 2023

I promised myself I’d write a post about something else last month. So far I have three paragraphs.

And they aren’t even good paragraphs.

April had so many warm days in Bedhead Hills that spring was jump-started. We had leaves on the trees and blooming daffodils earlier than in years past. Let’s not think about what earlier and earlier springs means for the planet.

You’re not supposed to notice if I miss a day.

I’ve used more glue than paint.

3 thoughts on “Today in April 2023”

  1. I love that you do these. They’re beautiful and tragic. They’re a memorial to people that society is gradually starting to not give a flying fuck about. I haven’t had COVID yet, I have a lot of underlying health conditions, I’m still scared, and society is harping about how we all need that face to face connection and is planning everything to force me out amongst them. They claim to worry about COVID, they don’t mask, they bray loudly with open mouths, and I’m even more scared. I still wear my mask, I’ve gotten my boosters, and I keep my fingers crossed. Keep remembering the victims, and keep your fingers crossed that it’s never anyone you know.

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  2. One day I will learn how to qualify to leave a comment. Meanwhile, I will continue to find strength in your words, every time, every time.

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