Today in March, 2023

Even the New York Times has given up on reporting on the coronavirus pandemic.

Of course, they get their data from the CDC and the WHO, and if these public health organizations are publishing data once a week, that’s all anyone can report.

As for me, I have some other stuff going on, so it’s mighty tempting to quit doing this right now.

Mid-month I stopped posting them on Mastodon. No one said anything.

I’m not mad. The thing is, I wish I wouldn’t look at social media. Except TikTok. I spend most of my wasted internet time looking at TikTok these days. It’s great. I hope the U.S. congress isn’t planning some kind of stupid-ass legislation to outlaw it or something.

Shout out to March 15, which was a big, big day at my house, and I managed to make that.

I don’t really want to be buried when I die, but if I were packing for the afterlife, I’d definitely take scissors.

With these paintings and collages, I now pass 883 total days of working on this project.

2 thoughts on “Today in March, 2023”

  1. I am interested in how you have been thinking your project might end. Is this the end now, and if so, is this what you expected? Do you think about what you will do instead with the time you have been spending on this work, and what you will do with all the work itself?

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    1. I’m still hanging onto the hope that I can go to day 1,000. But as you know, I have five three week old puppies right now, and they take up an incredible amount of time from here to the point where they go to their forever homes, so it’s going to be tough to find time for it.
      The Fresh Direct bags I’ve been painting lately (one a month) are great for containing a big stack of work, so I am able to get them out of the pile by my desk.

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