Today in September

Well, that was a month. Thirty whole days, one right after the other.

I have had a lot of sleepy days this September, with a baby puppy in the house. When I’m not well-rested, I’m more short-tempered, and inclined to despair. Bad pandemic numbers confirm my sense that things are not going to be ok. But there’s a puppy. He’s here. He’s adorable.

My skin prickles in September, like a yellow jacket wasp just landed on me, and it’s gonna sting me, again and again.

We passed the six billion coronavirus doses administered this month, as a planet. I get that there are still people out there who distrust Big Pharma, who are skeptical about the origins of this pandemic, who think the medical establishment in the U.S. rushed to create immunizations, and that money followed that might have been spent on treatment options. You can think these things and still get vaccinated.

Next month is my twelfth month of this project. I intend to continue.

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