Today in June

I don’t remember last June. I’m not sure about May 2020, or July. Or August. I think it rained a bunch. But that was last year. Did it rain this year?

Over most of the United States, we are ending the month in a crushing heat wave, but over a billion vaccine doses were administered worldwide this month alone, which makes me think that we can solve some of our problems when we throw our resources at them.

I have been going to bed earlier and earlier, and you know, you wake up with the cat at about 5:15 a.m. if you go to bed at 8 p.m.

I found a stash of unfinished paintings. I get the subversive thrill of defacing something. When my mother sold the house I grew up in, there was still “Mooseman Lives!” Written lightly in pencil on the wall by the basement light switch.

A moment of appreciation for the toad.

Toads are great. We have them in our yard in Bedhead Hills. I worry that the dogs will bother them. I worry that catastrophic global climate change will kill them all. I guess I worry about big and little things.

My father’s birthday is always right around Fathers Day, which meant we didn’t really celebrate either holiday when he was still alive. There was a justification about it being unfair to my mother, whose birthday is in mid-december, but how does that follow?

people make themselves dizzy trying to read these. you don’t have to read them. you could just see them.

collage letters and numbers day is messy with tiny shreds of paper trimming all over the counter and the floor and pages of scrap paper streaked with dried glue and great fun with scissors scissors scissors but I do so much standing it takes a few days for my back to recover. when did I get so old when

But these aren’t for you. They’re for me. You can see them. I put them here.

But they’re mine.

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